Don't Say Gay, SCREAM IT!

Don't Say Gay, SCREAM IT!

Pride month is quickly approaching, but we were lucky enough to get a headstart in Florida last month. Humankind traveled to Tampa to attend the pride festival, see the parade, and throw a pool party that doubled as a photoshoot for our new Pride Collection.

The Message

We recognize that it is more important now than ever to show our pride. With discriminatory and dangerous legislation being passed all over the country, now is the time to stand up. A particular bill passed in Florida has inspired our theme for this year’s pride, “Don’t Say Gay, SCREAM IT!”

The Parade

Despite the actions of those who wish to silence the LGBTQ+ community, residents of Tampa and beyond showed up in full force for the pride parade. The parade itself lasted over three hours, and had countless organizations showing their support. The resilience of the community was inspiring to say the least.

The Pool Party

With the weather in the 80s, throwing a pool party was a must. So, we invited those in the Tampa area to celebrate with us. With a pool full of rainbow floats, rainbow balloons, and even rainbow themed catering– our pride was showing. Nothing makes us happier than bringing the community together and celebrating.

As we mentioned above, the pool party also served as a photoshoot for our newest collection, PRIDE. New patterns and colors that are sure to make a splash this summer. Now you can say gay and
wear it, too!