Community Spotlight: Milan Botte

Community Spotlight: Milan Botte

Everyone can agree, there is nothing quite like the feeling of being comfortable in your own skin. This week, I talk to Milan Botte (they/them) about about their first Summer experiencing gender euphoria, what inspires them, and their favorite pieces from our Shoreline Collection. This conversation is a feel-good, must-read.

Tell us about yourself, who is Milan?

My name is Milan, I am a nonbinary dog loving they/them. I am a washed up athlete actively learning pottery. I love hanging out with my girlfriend, sisters, and friends! Over the past year, I have grown into a version of myself I am extremely excited about. After getting my top surgery, my world has flipped upside down, in the BEST way. I used to worry about my chest and how I felt in my own body constantly. The past year, I have been freed of worries I have held in my heart for my entire life. Finally, I have the capacity to learn more about myself and the opportunities I never felt confident enough to explore. This summer, I look forward to being topless at the beach, road tripping, camping, and expressing myself artistically more. 

When do you feel like your most authentic self?

I feel my most authentic self when I am unplugged on the pottery wheel. I have no distractions... no responsibilities.... nothing but a pile of wet dirt and myself. The art of failing on the pottery wheel does have some beauty to it. I have to be patient with nobody but myself and for that I feel the most human and authentic. 

Existing as a queer person in the US is becoming increasingly more difficult. How do you remain positive in today's climate? 

Tough question, tough climate. Our community is being attacked, that's a constant fact over many many years. But, there is one thing that is consistent with our community and that's our power to love and rally. Our call to action in our community is to keep love and rally as we always will and always do. I will always remain positive because our community has never failed to love and rally around me.   

What is most important to you when shopping for clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident?

I always look for something that brings out my inner badass. 70-80s cowboy/motorcycle fashion are big inspos to me recently. Trying to lean more into vintage ringers and unique button ups. For everyday wear, I always lean towards something simple but has a slight flair to it. If I go for a plain tee, I'll look for a bit of a boxy fit. If I go for really loud pants I can pair with a clean plain T. Less is more in my closet BUT I will also try to wear something that makes me feel confident and unstoppable in my own skin. 

Favorite piece from our new collection?

My favorite piece of the new collection are the Anywhere Shorts! They are extremely comfortable and have amazing stretch for this big booty, hahah! They are a perfect everyday short and I wear them for every errand, lift, and simply lounging around. 

Shop Milan's favorites from the Shoreline Collection here.