Community Spotlight: Mia Springhetti

Community Spotlight: Mia Springhetti

Our favorite thing to hear from our community is just how much our products have impacted their lives. This week, I got to talk to Mia, who is admittedly a long-time fan of our swimwear. Mia is unapologetically and unwaveringly herself, thanks to support from her family and her wife. We talk to Mia about what pride means to her, the impact she hopes to have on the world and her favorite pieces from our Pride Collection.

Keep reading this heart-warming conversation below.

Tell us about yourself, who is Mia?

Hey, I'm Mia. I'm a gay woman (she/her) living in Charlotte, NC with my wife and a crazy zoo of pets, including an energetic Chocolate Lab and two adorable cats. Although I was born in Toronto, Charlotte has been my home for most of my life. After college and graduate school, I began working for the public school system as a school counselor. From childhood, I always wanted to help. Whether it was animals crossing the street, kids feeling included on the playground, or baking sweets for neighbors, I knew I always wanted to make days brighter for everyone.

I loved my work as a school counselor, and although I have left the education field, my work there opened my eyes to the struggles kids are growing up with. I worked with students who looked different than me and had very different upbringings than myself. I come from a very supportive household with two other siblings in the LGBTQ+ community. Growing up, I mainly shopped in the boy's section. It was simple, I wanted longer shorts to play in and t-shirts with soccer balls on them and, at the time, that wasn't found in the girl's section. My parents encouraged me to be me and not worry about what the world said was "normal."

When do you feel like your truest self?

I feel like my truest self when I am with my wife. My wife is amazing and encourages all my weird little quirks that make up this goofy, sports girl. She has supported me in my self-exploration, something I did not expect to find in such a loving partner. With her, I feel totally myself in all of our laughter, weirdness, and flaws. Nothing is ever off limits with her and she has pushed me to grow as a person, but also as the confident gay woman I am. We could be running errands, or getting fancied up for a wedding, there's no safer place for me than with her. 

Existing as queer person in the US is becoming increasingly more difficult. How do you remain positive in today's climate?

I choose to find happiness and joy in every situation. Some days are harder than others, for sure. I try to remind myself, while it's frustrating that we are still fighting for basic rights, progress has been made and WE are continuing to push for more progression. Because I have short hair, people often immediately assume I am gay, which I actually really appreciate because it allows me the opportunity to give everyone a positive experience with a gay person. It sounds really cheesy, but I'm hoping I can help heal that fear and open some minds by just being friendly and helpful. The more people I can convince that I don't want to eat their children, the better. 

Pride month is finally here, what does pride mean to you?

Pride means being you, unapologetically and unwaveringly. Pride is holding my wife's hand in public, regardless of stares or pointing fingers. Pride is wearing gender-affirming clothing that feels good on my body and heals the inner turmoil of not fitting into the "normal" standard that is pushed onto women. Hell, Pride is crashing a norm and creating your own platform to stand on. Pride is having the courage to discover new pieces of yourself and grow as an individual. 

Favorite piece from our new Pride Collection?

I love the Colorblock Swim Trunks! I recently wore them to the beach and felt so good in them. Not only do I love the colors, but I felt so comfortable in them physically and emotionally. Bikinis never felt right for me, but these swim trunks are perfect for me! And, they have pockets! I have been pairing them with the Swim Shirt, which provides me with the coverage I have been looking for this summer.

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