Community Spotlight: Gabbie Sundberg

Community Spotlight: Gabbie Sundberg

Living authentically is important to everyone, but especially to Gabbie Sundberg (she/they).  "I strive to be someone the little me never thought I could, someone the little me aspired to be." This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Gabbie about chasing their dreams, existing as their true self, the excitement surrounding Pride Month, and their favorite pieces from our Pride Collection We promise this conversation will inspire you.

Tell us about yourself, who is Gabbie?

I’m Gabbie (she/they) - I’m a young, gay woman who lives and works in Los Angeles as a film and television producer and Creative Lead. I grew up all over the states in different cities, but found home to always be Las Vegas. It’s been quite a journey to get to where I am. I wasn’t always comfortable with myself, but I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve had because today I’m happy and confident in who I am. 

Career-wise I started out making music videos and short films with friends and family from a young age, and later attended College for Cinema Production for two years before making the move to LA. I was the head Event Videographer, Stage Manager, and am currently a producer as well as a creative lead and production head at Get Me Out Productions. I primarily work in reality TV, but dabble in scripted shorts as well. I’ve been taking time to work on projects just for me as well. I’ve been exploring social media and the influencer life a bit. I’m focusing on Instagram right now, which is leading me to hopefully modeling. I’ve gotten to work with amazing brands that support who I am, brands like Woxer and Humankind.

As far as what makes me, me - I feel like I’m defined by my choices: my queerness, my career, my positivity and I strive to be someone the little me never thought I could, someone the little me aspired to be. I’m so lucky to be supported by so many friends, my family, and I’m living everyday to the fullest.

When do you feel like your most authentic self?
I try to be my most authentic self everyday because it's not worth not being me, but as I mentioned before, I think I feel most authentic when I'm in my element: doing the things I love with the people I love. Living in LA and doing my dream job has brought so much euphoria to my life.  Being able to be me and exists as me, in my gayness, with my career, and surround by friends and family that accept, love, and support me - all these positive things, my favorite people...they keep me real and keep me going, and I can't ask for anything more than that.

Existing as a queer person in the US is becoming increasingly more difficult. How do you remain positive in today's climate?

Today’s climate for the LGBTQIA+ community is really tough, and remaining positive amongst all that is going on is difficult without question. I have to be honest that I’m not always positive, sometimes it gets to me, and I can’t and don’t want to deny all that I feel for my fellow LGBTQIA+ members that aren’t and don’t feel as safe or as open as myself. Existing as a queer person in the US is very scary right now, and I am worried about it - my family is also worried about it for me. It’s crazy to me that I might be in real danger just because of who I choose to love.

We shouldn’t be denying the darker feelings, but I also try to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel so-to-speak. As long as we take care of each other, band together with one another as we’ve always done in the LGBTQIA+ communities. I do hope in the near future that the world around us will learn to be accepting of everyone as they are. I have to believe we’ll find a point where people can just be loving and supportive to everyone. We are all the same, we are all human, and we all want to love and be loved for who we are.

Pride month has just begun, what does pride mean to you?
Pride month is by far - the best month of the year! It’s the month we celebrate who I am as a person, the month we celebrate being whoever you want to be. Pride month means dressing how I want to dress, using the pronouns I want to use, and being in public the way that I am with less worries in the world. It’s important to shed light and emphasize the importance of who I am, of who people want to be. It’s a month to express the growing numbers of people who are LGBTQIA+.

Favorite piece from our new pride collection?

I love the Rainbow Stripe Swim Trunks! I just received these and I am definitely not taking them off the entire summer. I love the simplicity of the black with the rainbow stripe, they make me feel so comfortable and confident. I have never felt right in a bikini and it always made me very afraid to go to the beach or the pool. These swim trunks were definitely made for me. I wear them with the Compression Swim Top, which makes me the most comfortable I've ever been this summer! 

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