Community Spotlight: Emily & Juliana

Community Spotlight: Emily & Juliana

You know the old saying, couples that match their swimwear stay together? Emily and Juliana, a couple we met in Tampa earlier this year, prove just that. We got to talk to them about everything from their first date to their favorite pieces from our new Pride Collection.

Their story is a must-read.

Tell us about yourselves, who are Emily and Juliana?

Emily- My pronouns are she/her! I was raised in a small town outside of Portland, Maine. As progressive as Maine is, I never really had an LGBT+ role model to look up to, but I remember having conversations with my dad about gay marriage and the community prior to coming out. I'm so lucky to have a supportive family who loves my partner and supports me from across the country.

Juliana- My pronouns are she/her. I was born and grew up in Medellin, Colombia and moved to the U.S. when i was 6 years old. Being raised in a very traditional hispanic family it was always hard to explore my sexuality but i have found an amazing support system along the way.

How did you meet?

Emily- So I'm a night shift nurse, i had gotten off of work early one morning after a rough night and messaged Juliana on tinder asking her to come over that night. She had showed up, and waited over an hour in the parking lot because i slept though my alarms! I went downstairs and met her for the first time - half awake in a sweatshirt and boxers. She was standing there with flowers and a bottle of wine and the cutest smile on her face. I don't think i've ever been more embarrassed - but she hasn't left my side since! 

Pride month is around the corner, what does pride mean to you?

Pride to us means being able to love ourselves and eachother. It means we don't have to hide who we are and we are able to walk down the street holding hands without caring what other may say or think. 

You got to help launch our newest Pride Collectiom, how does Humankind make you feel?

Juliana- Ever since i started wearing humankind i have felt more comfortable going to the beach with my girlfriend. It's a level of comfort i didn't know existed and the best part is that i finally get to wear a matching set and not just some shorts with a random sports bra. My girlfriend loves when i wear my Lichen Blue Compression Swim Top with my Prisma Swim Trunks.

Favorite piece from our new pride collection?

Emily- My favorite piece is definitely the Rainbow Stripe Mesh Swim Top and matching Swim Trunks, they're subtle yet bold. I love wearing it to the pool, the beach, paddle-boarding and even lounging around. 

Shop Emily and Juliana's favorites from our new Pride Collection here.