Community Spotlight: Charlie Rosario

Community Spotlight: Charlie Rosario

Now more than EVER, it is important to uplift the voices of those in the transgender and non-binary community. Our Community Spotlights will continue to feature members of the community who inspire us, and we hope they inspire you too.

This week I had the pleasure of talking to Charlie Rosario (he/him) a musician, creator, and all-around joy spreader. 

Tell us about yourself, who is Charlie?

My name is Charlie Adonis Rosario (he/they) and I grew up in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

I’m currently a barista and musician living in Saint Petersburg, Florida. I’m a singer-songwriter, and I play guitar and saxophone. I grew up playing jazz and loved expressing myself through improvisation when words failed me. I still do! I started performing at an early age, and nothing has made me happier than making people smile. A lot of my life I felt misunderstood even by my self. On stage, none of this mattered. 

Music has always been my outlet, my sanctuary, mypure self echoing back to me. After I obtained my degree in music management, I began my medical transition at age 23 and underwent top surgery the following year. After years of dysphoria and mental health issues, I have never felt happier and in love with myself as I do now. All trans people deserve access to these life-saving treatments.

What inspires you to make music?

Growing up I feared the world wouldn’t accept me and my art. I thought I would have to live a lie to be successful. I had never heard of anyone like me, no trans musicians playing on my radio. Now is the time to become that representation and be myself unapologetically. Trans people are my inspiration for what I do; the fearless ones who fought for our rights today and the generations to come. I write for my community and speak to the beauties and struggles while helping others understand our world. Having others hear themselves in my words has already been my greatest achievement. I can’t wait to share with the rest of the world. 

Music has the power to heal. The ability to move individuals and spark revolutions. It brings us together in celebration and consoles us in our solitude. It is my younger self’s dream to make others feel less alone and make a difference for queer people everywhere.

When do you feel like your truest self? 

I feel like my truest self when I’m surrounded by those who fully love and accept me for me.  

I’ve gained incredible support from my queer community and my loved ones, and found deep love for myself in the process. To share an extension of myself through my creations has been a wonderful and vulnerable experience. To have my true self shine through and let others recognize themselves is truly remarkable. 

I also love expressing myself through poetry, drawing, making weird clay heads, and pouring latte art!

What can allies do to better support the trans/non-binary community?

Every day our community and allies can make a difference no matter how small. The work and care from our allies in particular is crucial for a safe world for trans/non-binary folks. Unfortunately, marginalized groups are generally not the ones to persuade the opinions of the opposer. Our strong allies, please continue to educate yourself and share this knowledge with others on and off social media. Listen to trans people with love and respect to their journeys. Stand beside us in the fight while keeping our lives and issues at the forefront. Speak up against transphobia when you see or hear it. Support trans creators and businesses. The hate our community faces stems from fear and mass spread of false information.  

Be a source of love against the hate one day at a time. 

To all, keep being your truest beautiful self.

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