Community Spotlight: Brianna

Community Spotlight: Brianna "Spidey" Barrett

Meet Bri "Spidey" Barrett (She/Her). Growing her own confidence through fitness, Spidey continues to help create life changing experiences for people looking for a positive health shift. With Legend, her pup, by her side and her support system, Spidey continues to help individuals feel comfortable to be themselves through fitness.

Tell us about yourself, who is Brianna?
My name is Bri Barrett. I go by Spidey Barrett. I am originally from Los Angeles, Ca, but I currently live in San Diego, CA. Both beautiful places full of beautiful people, but LA will always have my heart. Ever since I was little, I played sports and was extremely active with skateboarding and basketball and hanging with the guys. I played college Basketball at USC and now currently play professional women’s tackle football in the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA) for Cali War. I currently work as a Sales Manager for the #1 gym in the states, F45 North Park in San Diego and I absolutely love it. It’s the perfect mix of the things that make me happy and it’s a great environment to be apart of. I love creating life changing experiences for people who are looking to make a positive health shift and enjoy being a part of a community. I love being able to help people reach their goals and putting a smile on everyone’s face that come into my gym. Most importantly, I always strive to make sure people feel comfortable enough to be themselves and that they’re in a safe space without judgment of whatever body types they have.

When do you feel like your most authentic self?
I feel most authentic when I’m hanging with friends and laughing. Laughing is my love language and it is the essence of who I am. Whether that’s making others laugh or making myself laugh. I always feel most myself in these states and environments.

Existing as a queer person in the US is becoming increasingly more difficult. How do you remain positive in today's climate?
Being someone who looks like I do and dresses like I do, it definitely comes with its struggles. I would say I am more androgynous presenting and growing up I would constantly get mistaken as a male. So much that eventually I learned to laugh it off. Luckily, I’ve learned to embrace myself a lot more in these last few years thanks to people in my life. Remembering that I know who I am and growing my own confidence has helped me stay positive. Having the right support system is huge, whether that your chosen family or your blood family, surrounding yourself with the right people has always helped me stay positive; especially when society is constantly telling us how we should look based on our gender and trying to put us in boxes just so it’s “easier for people to grasp”. I reminding myself that I am who I am and that I love myself and live for myself is so important as well. No amount of negativity can take that power away from me. These days I also enjoy hanging with my pup and training him. His name is Legend and he’s my sidekick for life and being able to hang with him and being his dog-mom alone has added a lot of positively into my life!

What is most important to you when shopping for clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident?
I always felt way more comfortable around boys but always had girl friends. I didn’t really understand why I didn’t feel fully comfortable in feminine clothing because I thought I was just a tomboy and I played sports, so naturally baggy clothes was always what I wore. Sometimes I wore dresses and skirts, but it never felt like me. Eventually I realized I just felt way more like myself when I wore clothes that were more masculine presenting.

Whenever I went to swim or to the beach, I always felt better in board shorts and a sports bra. Anytime I would shop, it would always be in the men’s sections. One, because the clothes were cooler (to me) and they fit better/ I felt like more myself in them. The most important things when I do look for clothes would be, the style/pattern of clothes and how they fit on my legs because I have thick thighs, big calves and a big ole’ booty. Finding bottoms that fit all of that is always tricky. However, whenever I do find a brand that can handle all of that, they have a customer for life! HumanKind has got me for life because I always feel most comfortable in their clothes because they fit just right.

What are your favorite products from Humankind?
My favorite items of the HumanKind collection would be the mesh swim top and my Anywhere short. The material is super easy and lightweight. Really great for outings and also for casual wear. I can wear to workout, to swim and to just chill and they’re the perfect length, they dry really quickly and they fit like a glove.