Community Spotlight: Bobbi Stalnaker

Community Spotlight: Bobbi Stalnaker

Meet Bobbi (She/Her), a dynamic graphic designer, artist, and entrepreneur behind Gray Area Creative. Embracing a fearless attitude, Bobbi encourages prioritizing self-acceptance over others' opinions and reminds us that living authentically is what truly matters.

Tell us about yourself, who is Bobbi?
Hi! My name is Bobbi Stalnaker and I am a born and raised So Cal native originally from Glendora, CA. I have lived in Los Angeles for most of my life and recently just relocated down to SD with my partner Micah. I am a graphic designer, artist, tattoo artist and entrepreneur. I have my own business called Gray Area Creative, which is a design studio specializing in branding, publication, and digital marketing design. I just made a hardcore career pivot this past year and have become a tattoo artist, now full time. For fun I love to paint and sculpt, garden, skateboard, snowboard, jump in the ocean, travel and get lost in nature.

When do you feel like your most authentic self?
Well, I try my darndest every day. But it really helps when I am out with my friends skating or anything outside, making art, pushing myself to land a trick, or learning something new.

Existing as a queer person in the US is becoming increasingly more difficult. How do you remain positive in today's climate?
Stop listening to other people. Like just stop. haha

It sounds weird but everyone is living their own experience, its important to just stay tapped into your own soul, energy, and mind. I had a rough time coming out of the closet, so I really harnessed the DGAF attitude lol. But for real, what other people think of you is none of your business and in the end, what other people THINK, really doesn't matter. You have to live with yourself in the end, so do it for YOU, damnit.

What is most important to you when shopping for clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident?
It's got to be comfortable and practical (like pockets!!). I always like to think the less clothing the better, so light, flexible, stretchy clothing is a big thing for me.

What are your favorite products from Humankind?
Oh my. The athletic clothes are AMAZING. I love the shorts! My partner is obsessed with them too.