Community Spotlight: Abby Weddle

Community Spotlight: Abby Weddle

Abby Weddle (she/her) is from a small town in Iowa, and we mean small. She has experienced first hand what it's like to hide who you are. Now living and thriving in San Diego, Abby hopes to inspire those who might be struggling in similar situations. "Representation is so important and I want to be someone that kids from home can look up to and maybe see a part of themselves in."

We talk to Abby about her roots, her passion for the great outdoors, and her favorite pieces from the new Shoreline Collection.

Tell us about yourself, who is Abby?

Hi! I'm Abby (she/her)! I was born and raised in the backyards and ballparks of small town Iowa. I'm talking the type of small where there's not one stop light and there's more cows than people. I managed to escape almost a year ago to Phoenix, and have now settled in San Diego with my partner. I work from home and love cheap read wine, weird edm, and reading my book at the park. 

When do you feel like your most authentic self?

I feel like my most authentic self on top of a mountain. Or hanging off a cliff. Or both at the same time. Playing outside is so fun to me that I actually lived out of my car at one point so I could jump from national park to national park. Something about being in such naturally beautiful places puts everything into perspective for me. As someone who has struggled their whole life with anxiety and panic disorder, nature is my biggest tool in regulating and resetting my system. Hug a tree, I promise it actually helps! 

Existing as a queer person in the US is becoming increasingly more difficult. How do you remain positive in today's climate?

Growing up in the conservative midwest, I know first hand what it's like to hide behind the mask of heteronormativity. It's becoming increasingly difficult for kids, in the midwest especially, to simply exist as themselves without fear of judgement or backlash. I stay positive knowing that I can lead by example and provide proof of being out and proud to someone who may not see that in their day to day life. Representation is so important and I want to be someone that kids from home can look up to and maybe see a part of themselves in. I stay positive by knowing I'm doing my part in making the world a more excepting place for the next generation of little gays.

What is most important to you when shopping for clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident?

Comfortability will always be number one for me. If I could wear sweatpants everyday of my life, I would! Although I may present mostly femme, I feel most confident when I can find the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies in the clothes I wear. Gender norms are boring and finding clothes that make make feel my best, regardless of what section of the store they're in, is everything. 

Favorite piece from our new collection?

I love the Tech Shirts from the new drop! They are insanely lightweight and airy it feels like you're wearing nothing. They are also so easy to pair with what I already have in my closet. I wear the Fog Tech Shirt as a layering piece under hoodies on the regular (because it's my dream to live in sweats).